We supply a complete range of professional glazing tools, including saws chisels, gasket rollers, moon and pallet knives; glazing and shovels; plus fixings and consumables including silicones, glazing packers, glass cleaners and solvents.

Our Tools, fixings and consumables range:

  • Accessories including:
    • Dust sheets and tarpaulins
    • Fillers
    • Lead flashing and mouldings
    • Repair kits
  • Cleaning products including:
    • Window scrapers
    • Soudal multi-purpose cleaning wipes and roles
    • PVC-U cream cleaners
    • Solvent cleaner
    • Glass cleaners
  • Fixings screws and bolts including:
    • Door and window screws
    • Fixing bolts
    • Fixing foams
    • Polytop pins
    • Screw accessories and cover caps
  • Glazing packers including:
    • Glazpart glazing packers
    • Glazpart Klip Frame packers
    • U-style frame packers
    • Bridging packers
    • Flexible corner glazing wedges

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